Eating Healthy - Child Friendly Treats


It is a frequent obstacle for parents to make their kids consume healthy foods for the reason that children generally wish for food that are unhealthy like sugary items and take-out food, which are on hand in the market. There are plenty of parents who have lots of issues making their children consume healthy foods given that junk foods are simply so much tastier. This is very evident in the desserts that a child wants to eat. Desserts are meant to be delicious so making children eat healthy desserts is very difficult since most healthy desserts don't taste as good as the unhealthy ones. One great way to make sure that your child eats a healthy dessert is to determine what dessert they like and then alter some of the ingredients to make it a little healthier. This article will take a look at some great recipes that are not only yummy but nutritious as well.


If your kid enjoys chocolate, then it is very likely that he or she will like a brownies sundae, which is usually unhealthy. You can change an ordinary brownie sundae recipe and make it healthier by reducing the sugar content by making use of different ingredients. It is likely that your child will not notice that you used sugar free caramel sauce and non-fat whipped cream. Evaluate the other ingredients of the brownie sundae recipe and find alternative low sugar content ingredients. You child will never know that you have altered the dessert because it will still taste delicious.


Other suggested dessert recipes also are at If your child normally prefers sweets then making a fruit dessert will make certain that their yearning for sweets is met. Fruit is a healthier ingredient that tastes good as it is generally sweet and some great fruit dessert concepts include stuffed fruit or popped up bananas. To make a stuffed fruit, you need to pick one delicious fruit that is meaty and then core it and empty its centre. Inside the fruit, you can add in sweets like marshmallows, just make sure that you don't put in something that contains too much sugar.


Popped up bananas are made by dipping a banana into melted chocolate and smartiesor any other dip that your child may prefer and then freezing it. It is also a good idea to put the banana on a Popsicle stick so that it is easier to eat. Another great fruit dessert recipe is Confetti Yogurt Dip and it is made by cutting up a fruit into small pieces. After that you have to put together the dip by adding sprinkles to a vanilla Greek yogurt.